Dallas Consumer Representation/Credit Defense Attorney

Credit card debt has a way of piling up even for the most financially responsible individuals. Unfortunately, if you do not handle the problem promptly, you may be vulnerable to legal action from credit card companies, which will stop at nothing to recover their assets. Depending on the company in question, you may be plagued by threatening phone calls and mailings, or worse, sued outright. No matter the nature of your legal concerns, it is in your best interest to seek counsel and representation from a Dallas attorney with a background in credit card defense. Look to the Law Office of Robert H. Renneker for excellent legal support.

Credit Card Lawsuits: More Routine Than Frightening

It’s only natural to feel panicked when you learn that your credit card debt has resulted in a lawsuit. However, credit card lawsuits are far more routine than the average debtor suspects. These lawsuits occur on a regular basis, with creditors simply assuming that the majority of targeted individuals will not delve into the specifics of the case. Not only are these cases routine, they are very frequently flawed, with creditors failing to obtain sufficient evidence against the debtors they target.

How a Dallas Credit Card Defense Attorney Can Help

Creditors typically win debt lawsuits not because the debtor is in the wrong, but because the debtor fails to fight back. A favorable case outcome is possible if you work with Robert H. Renneker, who will file an answer to the initial lawsuit, force the debt collector to prove exactly what you owe, determine whether collectors can procure necessary receipts, and prove that the debt is within the statute of limitations. In some cases, creditors violate the Fair Debt Collection Practices Act and can therefore be sued in return. Robert H. Renneker will help you select the appropriate legal strategy for your case.

Robert H. Renneker: Aggressive Defense For Credit Card Debtors

Have you been threatened or harassed by a credit card company? Look to Dallas credit card defense attorney Robert H. Renneker for in-depth legal guidance and aggressive defense. He has resolved numerous credit card cases and is eager to provide the legal protection you deserve.