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A trusted Dallas-Fort Worth law firm, the Law Office of Robert H. Renneker handles a variety of civil matters, including real estate litigation and personal injury. Local clients and attorneys consistently praise the firm for its aggressive handling of difficult legal matters.

The Law Office of Robert H. Renneker is located in the heart of Dallas, Texas. Although many of the firm’s clients reside in the Dallas-Fort Worth area, Robert H. Renneker is willing to take on cases involving all state and federal courts in Texas. His in-depth understanding of the local legal system makes him an excellent resource to turn to in the midst of contentious civil and appellate matters.

Practice Areas

As a Dallas attorney, Robert H. Renneker has a long and impressive background in civil law. A skilled trial lawyer, he thrives under the pressure of the courtroom setting. He recognizes that, while settlement is a worthy goal, it is not always possible or advisable. His law firm is your best bet for aggressive litigation in the state of Texas. Targeted civil practice areas include real estate litigation, credit card defense, and personal injury. Robert H. Renneker’s firm also handles complex appellate cases — especially those involving the aforementioned practice areas.

Strong Legal Advocacy

Aggressive representation is a priority at the Law Office of Robert H. Renneker, which has a reputation for taking on the most complicated and contentious cases. Robert H. Renneker fights zealously on behalf of his valued clients and will not settle until he has produced a favorable legal outcome. When meeting in a one-on-one capacity, however, his candor is always respectful. He is well aware of the stress and anxiety his clients experience as they navigate the legal process. His goal is to provide patient, compassionate guidance, while still remaining completely honest and transparent about his clients’ prospects in court. His open approach to counsel has made him one of the area’s most sought-after litigation lawyers.

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If you want the comfort of knowing that your case is being handled by one of Texas’ most talented litigation attorneys, do not hesitate to get in touch with the Law Office of Robert H. Renneker. You will receive high-quality legal representation from an attorney with an exceptional reputation.